Dr. Andrés Baselga

My research focuses on several biodiversity-related disciplines as taxonomy, biogeography, phylogenetics and macroecology.

Regarding systematics, my taxonomic skills range several beetle families (Coleoptera). I am especially interested in leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae), and my taxonomic papers were devoted to both adult and larval stages. Most of my taxonomic studies dealt with the Iberian fauna, but I have also addressed Palaearctic revisions of genus Chaetocnema and the light-coloured Neocrepidodera species groups. I am also interested in many other beetle taxa, as the Iberian blind edaphic Staphylinidae (genera Mayetia and Hesperotyphlus) and the new world Zopheridae. As a result of my taxonomic work, I have described 22 species new to science.

Regarding macroecological questions, I am mostly interested in the integration of beta diversity patterns in the central debate about large-scale patterns of biodiversity. Compared to the variation in the number of species, the variation in community composition (beta diversity) provides different information (i.e. two communities could have exactly the same number of species but completely different composition). Therefore, the assessment of such species turnover patterns will provide new evidence, allowing new approaches to biogeographical and macroecological questions.

A further development in my research line is the addition of the phylogenetic layer of information to the aforementioned analyses of macroecological patterns. We are developing a novel approach, multi-hierarchical macroecology, aiming to contribute to our understanding of the processes underlying biological diversity.



Associate Professor, University of Santiago de Compostela

Researcher at the Cross-disciplinary Research Center in Environmental Technologies (CRETUS), University of Santiago de Compostela

Associate Editor for Global Ecology and Biogeography

Subject Editor for Ecography

Coordinator of the Research Group "Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conservation of Invertebrates (BIBICI)", funded as GCP by Xunta de Galicia, Spain

Teaching (Zoology Department, University of Santiago de Compostela)

- Non-arthropods Invertebrate Zoology (Zoología I), Degree of Biology

- Arthropods and Vertebrates Zoology (Zoología II), Degree of Biology

- Fundamentals of biodiversity: origin, measure and patterns (Bases de la biodiversidad: origen, medida y patrones), Master in terrestrial biodiversity: characterization, conservation and management

- Biological assessment of water quality (Evaluación biológica de la calidad del agua), Master in sustainable management of water

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ORCID: 0000-0001-7914-7109

Scopus: 8698319300

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Species new to science

I have described several species new to science.